The 6 Secrets to Control Clutter in Your Home

Is your medium sized or small home feeling cluttered? Here are some practical tips and advice to keep your home uncluttered as well as storage solutions for tiny spaces.

Build in flexibility

Cubbies are ideal for storage and display, and are easy to stack and rearrange. Put furniture to work and multipurpose furniture is a must. If you don’t have an entryway closet, a storage bench can hold anything you need to unload for immediate use. Forget folding chairs and move the bench for extra seating.

Maximize wall space

Freestanding wall units can be much less expensive than built-ins. Create a niche in the unit for a workstation to add even more function.

Access what you often need and what you easily see

Open shelves are all about easy access, but they force you to edit. When it’s in plain sight, you know what you’ve got. You tend to forget about things behind cupboard doors.

Hide what you rarely use

Any unused space is fair game for storage. Drawers on casters conceal seldom-used items under the bed. They also work well for storing toys in a cramped kid’s room. Use garment bags to keep dust out of stored linens.

Create pockets of greenery

Landscaping improves even a tiny area. Whether at the entrance or even in the living room, in-ground planters with their own drainage system can sprout strips of vibrant Scotch moss that add color and feel cozy.

Go vertical

An antique Chinese wedding cabinet in the living room can hide the TV and CD’s, and makes the most of limited floor space. You can also build additional drawers underneath.

Maximize storage

Japanese-inspired built-in bins under the bed can be faced with bamboo. A paper parasol over the light fixture adds to a lush, but tranquil mood.

Plant vignettes with bamboo, coleus, potato vine, and Scotch moss create their own little ecosystem in a corner of the house deck, complete with a frog urn or a mushroom dwarf garden set.

Here is more advice for living minimally and clutter free:

  • Think ahead. If you don’t love it or need it, don’t bring it in the house.
  • Continually edit and remove unnecessary items, especially your book collection and your closets.
  • Keep a “to donate” bag in your car or anywhere in the house for regular clothing purges.
  • Recycle magazines by tear favorite ideas and recipes from magazines and store in folders.



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