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How Do You Repair Furniture that Has Been Damaged by Pets?

Whatever furniture you have in your home – leather, wood, plastic, or upholstered – your lovable but mischievous pets might somehow damage your furniture. Cats and dogs are most notorious for furniture damage. Damage can range from scratched surfaces to deep chewing cuts.  It really won’t matter what pet you have causes the furniture damage, […]

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The Top 5 Most Dangerous Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement Jobs You Should Never Do

Every person thinks he is an expert at DIY home repair. From putting in a new light socket to reroofing the house, they think they can get it done without reading the instruction booklet. However, there are some jobs around the home that are dangerous and even fatal. Gas Fittings and Appliances There are appliances […]

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What Home Improvement Stores Won’t Really Tell You

They may be bigger, but they are not necessarily better Summer is when many people spend plenty of time working on home improvement projects. That inevitably means many will also be spending plenty of time and money at the big-box stores that have come to dominate the home-improvement industry. While many retail experts thought the big […]

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