The Top 5 Most Dangerous Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement Jobs You Should Never Do

Every person thinks he is an expert at DIY home repair. From putting in a new light socket to reroofing the house, they think they can get it done without reading the instruction booklet. However, there are some jobs around the home that are dangerous and even fatal.

Gas Fittings and Appliances

There are appliances around your home that run on natural gas like your stove and hot water heater. It is relatively easy to successfully turn off the gas and remove the appliance, but not so easy to properly fit the new lines. Gas will find any opening to leak from in the lines. If your work is not exact and gas leaks into your home, you could have a serious explosion or carbon monoxide leak that endangers your home and family. Many professional safety companies rank this job as the most dangerous job to do in the home because of the serious consequences.

Asbestos Removal

If you have an older home, it might have been insulated with asbestos, which we now know can cause cancer and other health hazards. Removing asbestos can be dangerous work. It is not a matter of simply opening the wall and putting it in trash bags. Today, there are many local ordinances that dictate exactly how asbestos should be removed from the home, because it is so toxic.

Electrical Repairs

Electricity can kill. Changing a light bulb isn’t the same as changing out a light switch. There is a live current running through the wires that must be turned off before work begins. Extending or replacing circuits if not done properly can lead to electrical fires. Some common electrical repairs and replacements require permits and hiring a professional.

Plumbing Repairs and Replacements

While plumbing might not seem dangerous, it can be very dangerous to your home and personal property. If there is a way out for water, it will find it. The smallest opening can lead to a very expensive leak to repair and damage to your walls and floors. If you attempt to patch a pipe and it bursts, you could do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. It’s not the same as simply changing a faucet.

Roofing Repairs

Proper installation is very important where your roof is concerned. Your roof is the highest point in your home. Without the proper tools and ladders, trying to get onto your roof can be dangerous. Climbing up and down the ladder with tools and supplies can be also be tiring, and the more tiring the more likely you are to make a mistake. Depending on the height of your roof, falling off could cause serious injury or even death.

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