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Beware of These Bugs in Your Homes and Outside

Summer’s insects can be more than annoying and some can make you sick. Ticks carry Lyme disease and mosquitoes spread serious illnesses such as malaria or West Nile virus. Mosquitoes alone spread malaria which is linked to more than 700,000 deaths a year. While few of those deaths occur in the U.S., several other tropical, […]

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How to Turn Any Room Into a (Part) Laundry Room

Even if space isn’t at a premium, a whole room devoted just to doing laundry can seem wasteful. In fact, given that when you’re engaged in this time-consuming chore you’re inevitably multitasking, why not place your washer and dryer in a location that makes it easier to double up on household duties or squeeze in […]

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The 6 Secrets to Control Clutter in Your Home

Is your medium sized or small home feeling cluttered? Here are some practical tips and advice to keep your home uncluttered as well as storage solutions for tiny spaces. Build in flexibility Cubbies are ideal for storage and display, and are easy to stack and rearrange. Put furniture to work and multipurpose furniture is a […]

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